Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour - Day 15

If you could live in any one of your books, which would it be & why?

SHAMROCKED, the 2nd book in the STRANGE ENCOUNTERS midgrade trilogy. It takes place in Mt. Shasta – a city I love to visit – but adds magic of a secret world underneath the mountain with fantastic rooms where anything you imagine becomes real and shadowy storytellers come out of the walls to tell real stories. The other two books (OH, NO! UFO and SEA SWITCH) in this series have some magical fun, too, like alien pets and mermaids.

Where is one of your favorite places to go camping? 

Near Bodega Bay, CA, at a campgrounds with no electricity or hookups, but it’s by the beach and dunes and I love the salty breezes and overcast ocean sky. My family went there a few weeks ago and we walked along the surf with the dogs, had campfires at night and I found a sand dollar.

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Kristen said...

So sad its over :( But the crossroads tour has been fun! Thanx for participating!!

My Bloody Fairy Tale


Those sound like great middle grade books. I have one avid reader and one not so avid reader who is older. But, he'd probably read middle grade if it didn't look too childish. I'll have to take him to the bookstore and see if he'll read it!

Heather Rosdol