Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour - Day 14

What kind of cat is Fat Cat? (Do you have a picture you could share?)
Sad, sad news my fat cat of 15 years died of old age. (Four months ago.) She was a 15 yr old brown and butterscotch tabby and I miss her. :( I won’t be getting another cat for awhile I still have Jensen

This is Jensen, he’s two.

You love writing & reading, but you set some of Freaksville in a theater, do you also have a love of acting?
Ah you caught me! I was a theater minor before I changed my major. I did some acting, spent many years in theater working on sets hanging lights etc. And yes every theater IS haunted. It’s weird maybe the energy that’s form there from all the human emotions used on stage.

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Glad I never worked in Theater! What about movie theaters? Are they haunted too? Sorry about Fat Cat. It takes a long time to heal from the loss of a friend. We never forget them even though we make new friends. ( Yes, I know it's a cat. I've written many times I prefer animals to people.)