Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour - Day 1

Welcome to the 1st day of the Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour!
I'd bet you're wondering what exactly we're up to.
If you want to find more info on this wonderful blog tour click here for all the details. (Including prizes!)

Today Amanda Ashby stops by to answer a couple of questions!

What are some things you do to help you write?
I annoy my critique partners and husband ALL the time about whatever I’m working on. Especially if I’m having problems. It probably drives them crazy but I’m such a sharer that if my writing is going badly, then I want everyone to know!!!!!! Apart from that I make sure that I have lots of Diet Coke in the house and I try and limit my Internet access (which I normally fail to do!!!!!!)

If you could sit down for lunch with any 5 people, who would they be & why would you pick them?
Trent Vanegas who runs because I love reading his blog and he makes my day so much happier!
David Boreanaz because he’s so gorgeous!
Steven Gerrard the captain of Liverpool Football Club, because he’s awesome!
David Bowie because I think he is an amazing song writer
Richelle Mead so I could find out what’s going to happen in Last Sacrifice

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Kelsey said...

Yes I agree! David Boreanaz is VERY gorgeous!!


Short and sweet interview! She sounds like a bundle of energy like she never sits down.


Amanda Ashby said...

Catie - thanks so much for touring me! Kelsey - always a pleasure to meet another DB fan and Heather - I'm actually a totally lazy person but I like that you think otherwise!!!

- Melissa - said...

Always great to find another VA fan!!