Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour - Day 10

You have quite a diverse work history, what made you want to write books?

I think of myself as a storyteller – no matter the format. If there’s a story I want to tell, I pick which format would best suit the story. I did write ghostgirl as a script first, which was optioned by Robert DeNiro’s company, but eventually found that there was more to the story, something I just couldn’t give up on, and so I made it into a book series. 

Did you get the idea for Ghost Girl from personal experience, outside influence, or something else altogether?


As an FYI, most of my questions seem random, but they are in fact not entirely random. I looked at each author's website. I recommend you do the same. You might be surprised what you didn't know about some of your favorite authors.
Check out Tonya's blog here & her Twitter here.

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I wondered about her previous answers about working with DeNiro's film company but never mentioning it becoming a film with him. Thanks for pointing me to her website.