Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Us At The Crossroads Blog Tour - Day 11

What more can you tell us about Witch’s Shadow?
Witch’s Shadow is a novel within the Origins series I’m co-writing with Kitty Keswick. We are each writing separate novels, set in the same town – with crossover characters. Talk about a plotting challenge! We’re still writing these babies, but I can share some info with you and the prologue (just for fun).

The plot for WS in a nutshell: When a vengeful spirit threatens the uneasy truce between Norms and Paranorms in the pseudo-Salem town of Origins, it’s up to a fledgling witch to keep everyone alive.

Witch’s Shadow: Prologue
Origins 1672

Vengeance, cried the wind skimming over long midday shadows. High on a hilltop stood a lone Arbutus tree, its knotted, twisted copper trunk in stark relief against the sunlight. Bare of leaves, the skeletal branches rattled together like bones. A murder of ravens settled in the tree, ready to dine.

“No!” a boy yelled down at the ground from his perch upon a mare’s back, a ring of rope across his neck, his hands bound. “Choose this path and choose your ruination.” He spit his oath as if at the fiery depths of the earth.

The magistrate slapped his cane on the mare’s trembling flank. She bolted, and the boy slipped from her back. Rope taut, his neck broke with a crisp snap.

“Where’s your magic now, eh, boy?” The black-robed magistrate jabbed his cane at the lean body suspended in the air, sending it into a slow spiral. “Where are your unholy fires?” On the dust beneath their feet, the boy’s shadow widened, then narrowed with each turn.

Gathered to witness the death of Jonah Cale, the small crowd exchanged uneasy glances as the magistrate continued to prod the corpse. Young Cale had been accused of witchcraft, and his final words lingered in their murdering ears.

“You see, brethren,” the magistrate said, “even the devils he served fear our wrath and abandoned the boy to his fate. We have done goodly work here this day. Our families will be much relieved.” The magistrate led the villagers down the hill, leaving the boy to swing.

And he did.

His wind-tossed hair, black as pitch, his blue eyes bulging in their sockets, vacant. Dead.

All was silent save for the wind’s mournful howl and the branch that creaked with the boy’s swaying weight. For long minutes his shadow diligently shifted on the earth. Then with a subtle ripple as if suddenly under knee-deep water, the shadow detached from the boy and drifted across the land.


Your blog proclaims you to be a writer, musician & geek. What are some things that show your musician & geek sides?

Oh, there are lots of ways I show my band-geeky sides. ;) Just check out my website and vlog page – nuf said. www.judithgraves.com/vlogs

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Oh wow! I can't wait to read Witch's Shadow. I have loved witch's since I dressed up as one in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. My mom made my costume and I wore it as long as it fit. Now, I have one that will always fit! And spellbooks and the history of witchcraft and Salem books and all things witchy. I will love that book if you need anyone to give an opinion before you put it out to the world!