Sunday, April 4, 2010

If I had all day to read (4)

This is a meme from Kristen. I missed last month. I didn't forget, but I was trying to stay away from things that I could use to procrastinate doing my homework.

Here are the 5 books I hope to read this month:

The Cinderella Society - Kay Cassidy
Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia & Margaret  Stohl
Aries Rising - Bonnie Hearn Hill
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver
Princess For Hire - Lindsey Leavitt

If you had all day, what would you read?


Maria the Bookworm said...

Nice picks! I would probably read anything by Maria V. Snyder :D

Lisa_Gibson said...

Finish, the one I'm reading now, When It Happens. Catching Fire, Shiver, Linger, and hopefully by then Mocking Jay would be out. ;) Great question and great picks of yours too.

Violet said...

Great choices! I loved Beautiful Creatures & Before I Fall, and I am looking forward to reading The Cinderella Society & Princess for Hire!

If I had all day to read, I would read Fallen by Lauren Kate, Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder, and Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan (those three books have been sitting on my TBR shelf for far too long). If I had all day to read and a time machine, I would read Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay & Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel. :)