Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shadow Hills Paperback Puzzle

Shadow Hills is getting a new cover for its paperback release so the street team is doing a little contest leading up to the release of the cover. On the 20th, Anastasia will post it on her blog. On each of the 12 days leading up the 20th, 1 puzzle piece will be posted & 2 trivia questions on 2 different blogs.

Ready for the prize info? Anastasia is giving away 24 signed posters of the original cover. Each of the participating blogs will pick a winner out of those who get the trivia answer correct, so make sure to enter all the giveaways! Winners will be posted on the 20th. To enter you must fill out the form & have a US mailing address.

Here's my piece:

14. What symbol is engraved on Phe's ID bracelet? Enter here.

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