Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Firelight - Sophie Jordan

Title: Firelight
Author: Sophie Jordan
Released: September 7th 2010
Published by: Harper Teen
Pages: 336

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I loved this book. Jacinda’s story is told so well I pictured everything as if I was her. I became so involved that there were scenes where I was holding my breath, as if it would help Jacinda. There was none of the instant love between her & Will as many books have now. I kept trying to guess where the story was going.

The story opens as Jacinda & her best friend Azure have snuck out to go flying during the day. This quickly leads to trouble. There are those that hunt the Draki, the decendants of dragons, for their skin & blood. Jacinda hides in a cave and holds her breath, I did too, hoping the hunters wouldn’t find her there. I kept reading to see what was going to happen. Will, a hunter, does find her, but he leaves without telling the other he found her. Finally, I could breathe. Jacinda isn’t out of the woods yet though, she’s in big trouble. Her Mom knows what’s coming and takes her and her sister somewhere she thinks will be safe.

I felt Jacinda’s despair as they arrived in a town in a desert. I could only imagine how empty I’d feel if I knew that part of me was going to wither away like Jacinda’s Draki would living in the desert. There is a bright spot. Will makes Jacinda’s Draki feel alive. They have a push & pull kind of relationship, which is nice to see amidst so many books where they characters instantly fall for each other & don’t stop to question anything. Will has his own secrets and problems so he’s reluctant to have any kind of relationship with Jacinda. Jacinda not only has her secret & family to protect, but she knows Will is a hunter, so she wants to stay away from him.

I love guessing where a book is headed, even if I’m totally wrong. I kept trying to guess why Jacinda was so drawn to Will and every guess was nowhere near the reason. I love that this wasn’t a predictable book. Fair warning: the ending is a killer & makes you want the next book.

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literati_rain66 said...

Reading this one right now. And your last sentence made me groan. :-p That's the problem with ARCs/reading books as soon as they come out.. SUCH a long wait.